Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on Phuket Island

Ever heard of Phuket? It’s Thailand’s largest island. It’s known for its blue waters, sandy beaches, spicy Thai cuisine, snorkeling, and diving. Tourists go to Phuket for relaxation and adventure because of its exceptionally warm and sunny days. It is so easy to access the island because it is a one-hour flight from Bangkok. According to my friend at Team Clean llc, Here are the four awesome places you can travel in Phuket Island:

  1. Kata Beach

Kata beach is home to palms and casuarina’s trees which makes the beach lovely as they are sandwiched with a curving bay and lush hillsides. One thing about Kata beach is that it’s more peaceful and lively unlike Patong Beach. Most importantly, it has less hawkers.

Kata beach is broad and has soft white sand beaches. If you love snorkeling, you will find an excellent spot near the end. One the beach you will find several beachfront stalls and large restaurants selling papaya shake, snakes, and other Phuket cuisine.

Besides that, you will also find a luxury boutique hotel which is The Boathouse Phuket. The hotel sits on the resorts and it is a nice place to rest. A more quiet place to visit is the Kata Noi beach which is south of the Kata beach.

  1. Phuket Town

You will find this town at the Southeastern coast of the island. There are lots of activities you can indulge in this town thanks to the many restaurants, hotels, massage parlours, and other attractions.

The architecture of the town reflect the make of Chinese immigrants who resided there and Portugues aesthetic. The artistry is quite different from  the more traditional Thai lifestyle. If you stroll this old town, you will find Portuguese mansions, temples, and shrines. Things that you can do in this town include visiting Phuket Trickeye Museum, sampling street food, and visiting the colorful Chinese temple.

  1. Island Boat Tours

Have you ever wanted to lounge on the beach throughout the day? Most people want to do that. There’s no better way to experience that feeling than visiting the Island Boat Tours. Best of all, you can sign up for an island tour to explore the stunning seascape around Phuket.

Interesting places to visit include Maphrao, Nakhai Noi, Nakha Yai, Koh Kaeo, Racha Noi, and Racha Yai. If you want to get the best out of this island, organized tours are the way to go because you will see everything. For instance, if you book a nine-hour guided day trip, you will visit unique places like the “James Bond Rocks” and the famous Maya Beach. With any guided tour in the region you will get transportation, food, and refreshments.

  1. Diving & Snorkeling

Phuket is also known for diving and snorkelling. It has beautiful waters and excellent conditions. Water temperatures range between 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. The water is a hub for tropical fish, seahorses, sea turtles, manta rays, and over beautiful sea creatures. If you don’t know anything about scuba diving you can start scuba diving training because it’s more affordable. At the end of the training, you will receive a scuba diving certification.

Set Foot Into The Most Enchanting Holiday Destination Of Moorea

Set Foot Into The Most Enchanting Holiday Destination Of Moorea

There are various island countries globally, and being an explorer, you would want to experience all the beautiful islands. However, one of the beautiful tropical islands present in French Polynesia will surprise you with its versatile sightseeing and magnificent scenic beauty. If you are planning for a beach vacation with your family, we have a list of the things you cannot miss out on in Moorea.


Best Things To Do In Moorea That Will Give You Memories Of A Lifetime

There is some beautiful scenic beauty that will charm you to visit again and again.

  1. Step On To The Glass Bottom Kayak To Explore The Beautiful Lagoon

Did you ever think of a way to look into the beautiful coral reefs underwater without diving? In many places, glass boats are available, which help you experience the magnificent view of the corals. You can paddle on your kayak and even try snorkeling to check out the sharks, stingrays, dark coral, various tropical fishes in the crystal clear water.

  1. Have Your Lunch At Coco Beach Island

Coco beach island is quite popular and is a tiny island. You can quickly get a mini water taxi to reach the beach. Now, imagine yourself sipping a new cocktail with ginger with a magnificent view of the waterfront, isn’t that all you want for a trip? However, the food here is quite expensive.

  1. Snorkeling With Sharks At Lagoonarium

The one perfect destination to snorkel is Moorea. Lagoonarium is a place away from the coast and is well protected. The area is used to feed the fishes regularly between 11.30 am to 2 pm. Various tiny huts are available for you to rest and enjoy the day kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

  1. Try The Famous Poisson Cru At Snack Mahana

If you love to try the traditional foods of different places you travel, Poisson Cru is a must dish. Snack Mahana is one of the best hotels in Moorea and all over French Polynesia. It is an easy recipe involving ahi tuna, coconut milk, carrot, tomato, and cucumber.

  1. Visit The Sea Turtles At Te Mana O Te Mana

One of the must-visit places in Moorea is the Te Mana O Te Mana. It is a place where the locals catch the sick turtles and treat them. More than five hundred turtles are being treated, including Olive Ridley sea turtles, Green sea turtles, hawksbill sea turtles, and loggerhead turtles. The entire center falls under the Intercontinental Resort.


Explore The Flavors Of Moorea And Tahiti

There’s one thing that you cannot miss when you travel, the cuisine. Flavors of Moorea are a blend of traditional Polynesian food with a French twist. Here are some of the foods that you must try on your trip. 

  • Chevreffes-Did you know that Tahiti houses the best vanilla in the world? The recipe is freshwater shrimp cooked in vanilla and creamy coconut milk.
  • Poulet Fafa– Another mouth-watering dish of Moorea is the Poulet Fafa. The traditional dish is nothing but chicken cooked in taro leaves, garlic, onions, and other spices cooked with milk. 
  • Po’E- Po’E happens to be a favorite dessert of the locals. It is made up of vanilla, banana, papaya, or pumpkin topped with coconut milk. It has a unique flavor of taro leaves and looks like a pudding.


Other than these, there are various restaurants, beaches, and viewpoints that are worth a visit.


5 Top Reasons to Visit Denmark

If simple and beautiful is what you’re looking for a vacation, then Denmark is a perfect destination worth considering. Denmark is a small country with amazing architecture, art galleries & museums, delicious food, fashion, and so much more.

In this article, I’ll discuss 5 top reasons why you should spend your next vacation in Denmark. Stay tuned! 

  1. Amazing art galleries and museums 

For historians and art lovers, Denmark is a dream destination worth exploring. Denmark features numerous museums and art galleries that shed light on art movement and ages, including the Vikings and the Danish Golden Age art movements. 

To explore the Danish history and culture, make sure you visit the National Gallery of Denmark. Other museums worth visiting include the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and the Thorvaldsens Museum. 

  1. Beautiful Food and Beautiful scenes 

The fresh and delicious Danish food is another reason why you should visit Denmark. One thing about the Danes is that they cherish healthy lifestyles, so you are unlikely to be fed on unfresh foods. 

You can buy fresh bread in the markets, among other foods such as fish, salmon, fruits, and vegetables. One of the most famous markets for fresh local foods is the Torvehallerne food markets – there are over 60 stalls that sell local dishes and food ingredients. Also, check out the Copenhagen Reffen Island Street food market. 

  1. Fun biking experience 

For biking lovers, Denmark is the most bicycle-friendly destination you can visit. Besides having flat land, Denmark features some of the best-designed bike routes and cycle bridges. You can rent a bike and explore the city for the best sights in Denmark. It won’t be a surprise to make a new friend, among the fellow cyclists. Copenhagen, which is the Danish Capital, is the world’s most bike-friendly city with about 675,000 bicycles and only 120,000 cars. 

  1. Fashion and shopping 

If you are into fashion, then you set aside more cash for shopping if you’re planning to visit Denmark. Denmark has a super trendy fashion, brands, and accessories. Some of the major fashion labels are Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Munthe, Mads Nørgaard, and Bruuns Bazaar. 

  1. Beautiful beaches 

Denmark is also a perfect destination for a beach getaway, with over 7,300 km of sea white sand beaches. Check out some of Denmark’s famous beaches such as the Tisvildeleje, Søndervig, Blåvand, Hornbeck, and Blokhus. Denmark also features some stunning landscapes such as the Rubjerg Knot, Skagen, Mile, Råbjerg, Møns Klint, Moaning Bay, Anholt, and Rold Forest. 

If you have more time, you can see Skagen, it’s where 2 seas meet – the North and the Baltic Seas meet. As well, don’t miss to visit the buried St Laurence’s Church and the Øresund underwater bridge. 


Besides what we’ve discussed we’ve above, Denmark is an incredibly clean country. You won’t find people littering around, and you can visit it all year around. Besides, the food, accommodation, and transport packages are quite affordable.